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 The Forum's Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum's Rules   Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:51 am

Main Rules

1. Respect the Admins, Moderators and other players.

2. No godmodding, your Digimon can't dodge everything.

3. No spamming. When solo Rp-ing, there should be at least 2 minutes between your posts.

4. You start with one Digimon. The only way to obtain more Digimons is through events.

5. You can only be on one place at a time. If you are, for example, in Light City and want to fight in the Digimon Arena, you must leave Light City before entering the Arena.

6. When your Digimon is killed in battle, it will degenerate to its Fresh form. It won't be able to digivolve until you bring it to the hospital.

7. Ignoring the rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

8. If you think someone is breaking the rules or if you need help with anything else, PM me (Kanraku) or Gabriƫl.

Digimon and Rank Rules

All Digimon on this forum are the same as those on http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon_Wiki
Digimon here evolve the same way and use the same attacks. Your Digimon can also do basic moves like punching and kicking, even if they aren't listed on the Wikia.

You start out with Normal Rank. When you reach 200 posts, you will become a Bronze Rank Tamer. Then, it takes 600 more posts to rank up every time.
At Normal rank, you can only control Fresh and In-Training Digimon. With every time you rank up, your digimon can digivolve one level further.

0 - 199 posts: Normal Rank; Fresh and In-Training Digimon.
200 - 799 posts: Bronze Rank; Fresh, In-Training and Rookie Digimon.
800 - 1399 posts: Silver Rank; Fresh, In-Training, Rookie and Champion Digimon.
1400-1999 posts: Gold Rank; Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion and Ultimate Digimon.
2000+ posts: Platinum Rank; Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega Digimon.

Location Rules/Explanations

There are two types of locations: Real World and Digiworld locations.
In the Real World locations, your character can walk around and stuff like that while your Digimon is in a Virtual Pet device. Battling isn't possible in the Real World.
In the Digiworld, both your character and your digimon can move freely.


Quests can only be posted by the admins. Players can then complete the quests to get more posts and sometimes money or items.
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The Forum's Rules
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