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 Taimoshi and Kuramon

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PostSubject: Taimoshi and Kuramon   Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:12 pm

Name: Taimoshi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese-American
Rank: Gold
Personality: Taimoshi is an optimist, always trying to look at the good things in every given situation. If there is none, he can become very dark and depressing, giving up on the good things in life for a short period of time. After that, he becomes quite mean, but normally calms down within the hour. He is a brave, motivated partner to his Digimon, often running into the battle to help his digimon when it becomes hurt. He is also very caring of other Digimon, even offering help to opponent's whose digimon got badly hurt in any fights or scuffles.
Biography: Taimoshi, with Japanese descent, grew up in the United States with family that never had a Digimon of their own. When he was young, he found a Digimon egg floating in the river, and fetched it, having no clue that it was a Digimon egg. When he discovered that it was, the egg already hatched. He found Kuramon so cute and adorable, but was a little freaked out by the factor of only having one eye. He thought it might be one of those Sci-Fi Cyclops, or something that was mutated. However, he grew to love Kuramon, and eventually grow with it as it started Digi-volving into it's future stages. Though, unlike it's Technological-original, it only bared abilities non-computer related. It would still be a good friend to Taimoshi, and let him have a good life with his best friend. Now, after years of training, 16-year old Taimoshi travels around with Kuramon, looking for fun whichever way they turn.
Appearence: Avi.

Speech Colour: Red
Fresh: Kuramon
In-Training: Keramon
Rookie: Chrysalimon
Champion: Infermon
Ultimate: Diaboromon
Mega: Armageddemon

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Taimoshi and Kuramon
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